The Secabo Smart Transfer app is available and can be installed from Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store for free. The range of features as well as the transfer database are constantly being expanded. The Secabo Smart Transfer app is a control app for the SMART heat presses by Secabo. It is a huge information pool for laymen as well as professionals. In addition to time and temperature, users can retrieve various pressure settings for the most diverse transfer pairings of transfer object and transfer medium / technology. Simply specify the type of fabric and the transfer material and immediately retrieve the matching combinations of temperature, time and pressure. The preliminary tested transfer parameter pairings can only be configured via the app. Eliminate the need to perform your own transfer test series or "blind flights" on new and possibly expensive garments. The use of small base plates and thus maximum contact pressure achieves extremely short transfer times: Our Secabo Smart Transfer app also allows for retrieval of values for all transfer pairings, which no other manufacturer has ever specified in this manner. Additional features, such as the calculation of heat-up times and warning functions, make the app a valuable assistant for all common heat transfer methods. The time-consuming process of determining working parameters, which deviate from the manufacturer specifications, can be omitted thanks to the database of the Secabo Smart Transfer App.