Best performance and high comfort with the Secabo LITE series – With this new development of the successful Secabo TC7 toggle press, Secabo is launching a lucrative modular system that opens up a multitude of new possibilities for users. More flexibility thanks to easily exchangeable components, in short a basic product with great upgrade options. This means that the new LITE models have the advantage of retrofitting individual base plates or heating plates if necessary and simply replacing components. The TC7 LITE transfer press from Secabo is a modular, automatically opening toggle press. The user does not have to wait next to the press during the transfers, but can do other activities. When the set time has elapsed, the press opens automatically and announces this three seconds beforehand with an acoustic signal. The pressing process can be interrupted at any time by pressing a button – for example for pre-pressing textiles. The temperature and pressing time can be conveniently selected using a digital controller. The contact pressure is set using a large handwheel on the top of the heating plate. The TC7 LITE heat press, with a working surface of 40cm x 50cm, has an additional cover plate for the heating plate to protect the user from burns. The structure of the TC7 LITE is fully modular, the control unit, heating plate, base plate and base frame can be disassembled and replaced in just a few simple steps. For example, the use of other heating plates is also made possible. The LITE transfer presses offer everything that makes textile transfers with Secabo so comfortable. All professional applications of the usual hot transfer processes such as flock foils, flex foils, sublimation, inkjet flex, etc. are of course possible. The Secabo TC7 LITE can optionally be equipped with removable plates in various formats – also with a membrane base plate, a quick-change system and a slide extension for use as a double plate press. With the TC7 LITE you also have the option of upgrading to our Secabo TC-SMART series.

Intelligent display functions and simple control concept

Our LITE models are equipped with electronics that have been developed on the basis of Secabo’s extensive industry know-how. With the digital controller for temperature and time, the desired settings can be made quickly and easily. And of course you can switch between C ° and F °. The control concept was deliberately kept simple in order to allow the user an even more effective press handling.

State-of-the-art press construction and mechanics

The LITE generation of the well-known models TC5 and TC7 convinces with a very intelligent construction and construction. When selecting the processed components, attention was paid to high-quality materials and surfaces. Both LITE presses are modular and can optionally be quickly and easily equipped with removable plates in various formats, with a quick-change system and a slide extension. The heating plate was fitted with an additional mudguard. The compact dimensions and the modular structure allow disassembly into light packages for transport and shipping.

A basic product with great upgrade options

With the Secabo LITE version you have numerous possibilities to create your ideal work tool yourself. Thanks to the modular structure, our LITE models can also be converted to the SMART model. You can also retrofit with the passive membrane lower plate. The membrane can simply be inflated using a small blower ball. This allows the maximum compensation height of the membrane to be determined for a transfer. The contact pressure is set as usual on the transfer press, for example using a handwheel on the heating plate. Another great option is the Secabo TB7 thermobase, the heatable base plate enables lower transfer temperatures, shorter transfer times and less imprints on the textiles. White toner transfers and sublimation transfers are also much more reliable with a base plate with a defined heat. The options are therefore diverse and easy to implement with the LITE version according to your needs.